It has been a pleasure to work with Michael for the past 3 years. His accomplishments representing Canada in 3x3 competitions at the international stage are remarkable. He has a great basketball mind and plays the game with tremendous intensity and passion… great qualities that will lend well to his coaching career. To me, the most impressive thing about Michael is his ability to lead on and off the court. He is one of the great teachers of the game – doing it for all the right reasons. His great love for the game and his passion for teaching, will make him one of the best! As a player and as a coach, Michael possesses three ingredients: experience, knowledge and patience. The same ingredients that helped make him a champion as a player, will certainly help him to become a champion coach, while developing the next generation of champion athletes!
— Ron Yeung (Domestic Development Manager - Canada Basketball)

When Michael Linklater visited Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School in Thunder Bay, Ontario, he made a tremendous impact on the school. Most of our students come from small, remote, First Nations communities in North-Western Ontario. His keynote presentation to the entire school inspired the students to see that anyone can achieve their dreams if they are willing to make healthy choices and commit themselves fully to their goals. Students were also very receptive to the cultural teachings that Michael offered to small groups as well as the basketball skills clinic. We definitely noticed an improvement in the demeanor of many of our students, as well as the commitment and skill level on the court, after Michaels visit. Having an Indigenous role model such as Michael Linklater visit DFC was a rare treat that will not be forgotten anytime soon. We are looking forward to having him back again soon!
— Aaron Guthrie (Dennis Franklin Cromarty H.S. Healthy Active Living Teacher and Boys Basketball Coach)

For many years we’ve had Michael Linklater conduct camps not only for our community but also for our Tribal Council. Whether it’s been for our beginning junior players or our elite senior players, he has always been able to adapt his instruction so that the youth receive the maximum benefit. They have not only gained by being taught advanced technical instruction but many have been inspired and motivated by Michaels life story and accomplishments.
— Herman Good Pipe (Coach of Standing Buffalo Junior Boys, Lipton High School Senior Boys, NAIG Midget Boys)

“Mr. Linklater spoke at the U15 National Championships, held in Regina. Michael’s message was positive and inspirational as he shared his experiences playing basketball, growing up as a young indigenous man and the positive lifestyle choices he makes. Michael spoke with humility and grace. Michael is not just a basketball leader in our province but also a leader in creating social change.
— Jeremy Sundeen (President of Basketball Saskatchewan)

I am writing to give Michael my highest recommendation. I got in contact with Michael through SaskSport in June 2015. Every communication with him since this time period has been nothing but positive. He came to visit our community a few months after our initial conversation as a guest speaker at a school assembly. He also hosted a basketball clinic for youth ages 10-18. During both events the school population and community were impressed with his knowledge and expertise. So much so that students continually ask if he will be coming back for a visit in the near future. Michael possesses all the attributes to be a mentor, coach, athlete and leader. He is committed, consistent, positive, adaptable, balanced and a team player. It was a pleasure working with someone with such experience and knowledge.
— Odean Thompson (PED Teacher for Hector Thiboutot School)

I was impressed with the presentation that Michael gave to our students. He provides a positive role model for both indigenous and non-indigenous youth with his message of resilience, hard work, and effort and that by doing so you can be the very best.
— Ian Wilson (Principal at Bishop Klein School)

Thank you,
You made a real, lasting impression with our students and staff! You have kicked off our unit of study in such an authentic and powerful way that the students are eager to dive into these topics of culture, Residential schools and the 60’s Scoop. Thanks again and looking forward to cheering you on in 2020!
— Shawn Lewandoski (Teacher at St. Anne School)